filipina women for marriage
filipina women for marriage

The fact of the matter is if the same thing was told by a Filipino husband, the Filipino wife would have never uttered a word! In all probability, she might have kept her mouth tightly closed. Those that are familiar with the Filipino culture would certainly agree to this assertion, I suppose. What kind of a double standard is the fact that?

You speculate what is wrong with your Filipino women; obviously, the ones that are over-jealous. Do their upbringings have a lot to do with it? Does the surroundings in which they were raised have something to do with their irrational behavior? Does the influence of the friends they grew up with contribute to their possessiveness and irrationality? In short, is it the reflection of their backgrounds? Does the lack of personal-esteem/personal-worth and personal-confidence play a significant role in their erratic behavior? I think that all the above applies, unfortunately.

I also believe that the possessiveness of these Filipino women married to foreign nationals hinges on the regions in which these women were born, the education they’ve received, good, bad, weak, or nearly none, their contact with the outside world or the lack of it, their social skills or the lack thereof, personal-esteem and personal-confidence or the lack thereof. Given all the facts and evidence, I must argue that not Filipino women who married foreign nationals are possessive or over-jealous wives. The unfortunate latter is in the minority.
As I understand it, an over-jealous Filipino woman, married to a foreign national, wants to make sure that her foreign national husband is her sole and unique possession. She wants to ascertain that no other young and pretty women exchange a word with him. She wants to ensure that he has no knowledge of what is going on around him. But, as far as I know, this is not what a marriage or union of a couple is supposed to mean. I argue that no married foreign nationals ought to be viewed as or considered the possessions of any other human-beings, including their Filipino wives.

You, as a Filipino woman can possess material things, such as a bed, a chair, a radio, etc., but never may you possess another human-being; you cannot possess your husband because he is not a piece of property. Is the fact that too difficult for these over-jealous, over possessive Filipino women to understand?

These possessive Filipino women will never grow up mentally and intellectually so long as they think the best way to deal with their foreign national husbands within their marital union is to show how possessive they are. These possessive Filipino women cannot face the truth nor do they know how to deal with it. When their husbands tell them the truth, these women either throw temper tantrums or claim that their feelings have been hurt. They behave this way because they are emotionally unstable in their relationships.

Over-Jealous Wives and Irrational Behavior

A friend of mine has shared this story with me. Upon visual inspection around the home, he realized on numerous occasions that some lights and the television were turned on even though no one had been using them. filipina women for marriage